Ground-breaking, multifunctional medical device with
versatile HD recording capabilities

VersaPaxx, a unique all-in-one 22” touch screen video/image capture medical device, gives you all the advanced tools for analysis, editing, and transferring to a network. The analysis tools such as measurements, DSA, region of interest (ROI) processing and marking, annotations, image processing, pan, zoom, and window leveling to name a few give you the ability to take control of the image and video, allowing you to become more than just a spectator.

VersaPaxx is the complete solution for both Surgery and Radiology departments who demand quick and easy image/cine capture and DICOM conversion. This innovative technology is compatible with Cath Labs, MRI, CT, RF rooms, Mobile C-arms, PET, Nuclear Medicine, Endoscopes, and many more. Its universal compatibility with all types of modalities, regardless of manufacturer, supporting both DICOM and non-DICOM machines makes VersaPaxx a true complement to your imaging device.

VersaPaxx is designed to improve your workflow. With easy integration to a modality work list, patients can be brought into the queue with a few taps of the screen. VersaPaxx also gives you the ability to allow viewing of high definition recorded images and Cine/Video on an alternate display. This feature gives healthcare providers the ability to view a larger image and congregate around a large display to discuss the case.

VersaPaxx is offered in four models to better suit your needs. The VP222-AV is an analog input only version that will accept any analog video signal from 525-1600 vertical lines and actually upscale your image to high definition, 1600x1200, giving you a crisp, highly defined image. Our two digital versions: VP222-DD and VP222-DS accept either DVI-I/VGA/Component or HD-SDI video inputs,offering you the ability to capture video in its native resolution up to 1920x1080p. The VP222-VV is our universal DICOM viewer only version equipped with VersaVue which allows you to view any DICOM image from your PACS.